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  EnvESI™ Water Monitoring Technology

EnvESI™ is a patent-pending technology that offers unique advantages for monitoring chemical contaminants in water in real time. Main applications for this technology lie in chemical testing and on-line monitoring of stormwater discharges (nutrients and metals), wastewater treatment process (nitrate/nitrite/phosphate), and drinking water safety (nutrients/metals/biotoxins). Early EnvESI™ prototypes already showed detection capabilities that exceed the EPA drinking water requirements for nitrate, nitrite, chloride, sulfate, and zinc. Many other pollutants have been detected, including arsenite, arsenate, phosphate, lead, copper, fluoride, ammonium, mercury and others. dTEC Systems continues optimization of EnvESI™ and is seeking  commercial partners for its licensing. You can find more information in these summary sheets: EnvESI™ summary short version and longer version.

EnvESI™ prototype for stormwater discharge monitoring

Simultaneous nitrate/nitrite monitoring even at sub-ppm levels

On-line drinking water pollutants monitoring